Mosquito School

Age level:

  • Kindergarten-8th grade

In-class presentation:

  • Students learn about the biology, ecology and control of mosquitoes.
  • Presentations are grade specific, and a variety of topics related to mosquitoes are discussed, depending on grade level.
  • Students are instructed how to use the Life Cycle Kit.
  • Students are informed about District services and how they can help their families and community stay safe from mosquitoes.

Life cycle kit:

  • The kit includes live mosquitoes and mosquitofish.
  • Students observe mosquito larvae develop from the larvae into adult mosquitoes.
  • Students observe the predator-prey relationship of mosquitoes and mosquitofish.

Supplemental curriculum:

  • Each student is provided with a grade specific activity journal that is used in conjunction with the life cycle kit and reinforces the concepts introduced in the classroom presentation.
  • Additional activities are provided (on USB drive) and may be printed for classroom use.