Tick School

Age level:

  • K-8th grade

In-class presentations:

  • Students learn about the tick life cycle and habitats where ticks can be found.
  • Students learn why ticks are dangerous and how they can protect themselves from ticks.
  • Each class is provided with educational projects/activities (see classroom tick packet list below).

Classroom tick packets:

  • Our tick-related educational materials are available free of charge to any teachers in Marin and Sonoma counties, even if an in-class presentation is not scheduled (this way it is possible to avoid long presentation waiting lists).
  • Each classroom tick packet includes:
    • Instructions
    • Tick ID Card (1 per student)
    • Ticks of Marin and Sonoma Counties Brochure (1 per student)
    • Tick Activity Journal (1 per student)
    • Tick Life Cycle Wheel Project (1 per student)
    • Tick Habitat Puzzle (1 per classroom)
    • Evaluation (1 per teacher)
  • Activities should be introduced with a short lesson about ticks:
    • Tick Biology and Safety Tips Lesson Plan (PDF format).
    • Tick Biology and Safety Tips Presentation (PowerPoint Show format)
  • Call 800.231.3236 to request a classroom tick packet.