Yellowjacket School

Age level:

  • Kindergarten, 1st & 4th grades

In-class presentation for K-1st graders:

  • Students learn why ground-nesting yellowjackets are so dangerous (they can sting, they like to eat "people food", and they build large, hidden nests, etc.).
  • Students learn how yellowjackets are different than honeybees.
  • Students learn how to stay safe from yellowjackets.
  • Students are read a story that illustrates the life cycle and seasonal history of yellowjackets.

In-class presentation for 4th graders:

  • Students learn that yellowjackets are social wasps (not bees).
  • Students learn that there are several different species (kinds) of social wasps that live in Marin & Sonoma counties, and that some are typically more dangerous than others.
  • Students learn how to identify the various nests that different social wasps make.
  • Students learn how to stay safe from yellowjackets and other stinging insects.

Additional materials:

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Yellowjacket FAQs
  • Answers to a variety of commonly asked questions about yellowjackets