Education Outreach Program

Program objectives:

  • This program teaches students about the biology, ecology, and control of vectors. It also serves to inform the public about the services that the District provides, and strives to foster student interest in entomology and ecology. 

Scope of program:

  • Free in-class presentations are available to all local schools (of appropriate grade level) in Marin and Sonoma counties on a first-come first-served basis.
    • Mosquito School presentations are available for grades K-8 during the school year.
    • Yellowjacket School presentations are available for K-8 during the school year.
    • Tick School presentations are available for K-8 during the school year. Classroom tick packets are also available.
  • The Education Department participates in a variety of special events (such as Tolay Fall Festival, Cotati Kids Day, various school science fairs, etc.).

Free services available:

  • To schedule a free presentation or request a classroom tick packet, call 800.231.3236 (please note that schedules fill up very quickly, and you may be asked if you would like to be added to a waiting list).
  • Scheduling is done three times each year- in August (for fall presentations), in December (for spring presentations) and in May (for summer presentations).
  • If you have specific questions about our education program, please email Eric Engh.

Additional educational resources:

Name Uses
Build Your Own Mosquito School (PDF)
  • This document is a guide for mosquito control agencies that desire to develop an education/outreach program.
CDPH: Don't Let the Ticks Bite- Curriculum Guide for Teachers
  • Information for teachers using tick-related classroom materials provided by CDPH.
  • Includes: teacher guide, teacher survey, post-test for students and more.
  • Contact information for ordering educational materials from CDPH.
CDPH: Tick-Borne Disease Prevention: Stuff for Kids
  • Timothy Tickfinder curriculum includes: brochures, bookmarks, coloring pages, and word search (spanish versions available).