Mosquito School

Age level:

  • Kindergarten-8th grade

In-class presentation:

  • Students learn about the biology, ecology and control of mosquitoes.
  • Presentations are grade-specific (see descriptions below).

Life cycle kit:

  • Kits include live mosquito larvae and mosquitofish, which allows for observation of insect metamorphosis and predator-prey interactions.
  • Each class keeps a life cycle kit until the end of the following week, so there is plenty of time to watch the mosquitoes grow!

Our presentation curriculum:

  • The following table includes the presentations and observation journals that we use in classrooms. Each student is provided with their own observation journal on presentation day, so you do not need to print these.
  • Click here for our teacher companion site that has supplemental educational materials for classroom use.

Presentation Title

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Observation Journal

(PDF Format)


The Brave Knight and the Royal Pond

(YouTube link)

  • The brave knight discovers how mosquitoes change as they grow

File Backyard Mystery

  • Backyard mosquito sources and life cycle


File Aquatic Habitats and Mosquitoes
  • Habitats and predator diversity
3rd File How Mosquitoes Grow
  • What mosquitoes need to survive and reproduce
4th File Mosquito Adaptations
  • Adaptations of mosquitoes at different life stages
5th File Ecology of Mosquitoes
  • Ecological roles that mosquitoes play in ecosystems
6th File Importance of Mosquitoes
  • West Nile virus (and other diseases)

Vectors and Disease

  • Overview of several important vectors and disease transmission
  • This activity requires the use of a microscope