Lab/Surveillance Program

Program objectives: 

  • This program monitors the abundance of vectors and presence of vector-borne disease, coordinates all aspects of the District's arbovirus surveillance program, evaluates the efficacy of mosquito control materials and equipment, and collaborates with other agencies in research efforts.   

Scope of program:

Vector surveillance & disease testing:

Research & field trials:

  • Maintain mosquito colonies in the District's insectary for pesticide resistance studies and to support the District's educational outreach program.
  • Conduct field and laboratory studies to evaluate the efficacy of mosquito control products in the field, and to help develop and improve product application strategies.
  • Test and perform routine calibration of mosquito control equipment, helping to ensure that materials are properly applied in the field and comply with pesticide labeling.
  • Involvement in collaborative studies that pertain to disease/vector testing, field trials and other topics relevant to mosquito and vector control. Please visit our Publications section for downloadable versions of recent projects that the District has been involved in.
  • The District supports the efforts of local students who have school-related projects relating to mosquitoes and other vectors. In 2012, Janel McClain, a student at Technology High School in Rohnert Park, studied the effects of population density on the development of mosquitoes. Janel's project won first place at her school's science fair. Click here to view her poster. 

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