Tick School

Age level:

  • K-8th grade

In-class presentations:

  • Students learn about the tick life cycle and habitats where ticks can be found.
  • Students learn why ticks are dangerous and how they can protect themselves from ticks.
  • Each class is provided with educational materials listed below.

Life cycle kit:

  • Kits include preserved tick specimens (all life stages), a magnifer, and a tick life cycle wheel.
  • Each class keeps a kit for at least a day so that students can examine the ticks up close!

Our presentation curriculum:

  • The following table includes the presentations and observation journals that we use in classrooms. Each student is provided with their own observation journal on presentation day, so you do not need to print these.
  • Click here for our teacher companion site that has supplemental educational materials for classroom use.
  • For teachers that are unable to schedule a presentation, we provide detailed lesson plans and our classroom tick packets (see below).
Grade Level Presentation Link Lesson Plan Link
K-2 File Tick Life Cycle and Safety Tips.ppsx PDF icon Lesson plan for lower grades
3rd and up File Tick Biology and Safety Tips.ppsx PDF icon Lesson plan for upper grades


Classroom tick packets:

  • Our tick-related educational materials are available free of charge to any teacher in Marin and Sonoma counties, even if an in-class presentation is not scheduled.
  • Each classroom tick packet includes:
    • Instructions
    • Tick ID Card (1 per student)
    • Tick Activity Journal (1 per student)
    • Tick Finder Magnifier (1 per student)
    • Tick Habitat Puzzle (1 per classroom)
    • Evaluation (1 per teacher)
  • To order a classroom tick packet, please email Eric Engh
    • Please provide us with your name, school, address, grade level(s), number of students, and date you need the packet
    • Please give us at least two weeks notice