Tick School

Age level:

  • K-8th grade


  • Our grade-specific classroom presentations teach students about the biology and ecology of ticks, as well as relevant safety tips.
  • Each class borrows a life cycle kit that include preserved tick specimens (all life stages), a magnifer, and a tick life cycle wheel.
  • Each student is provided with an activity book that is used with the life cycle kit.
  • Classroom tick packets are available to local educators who are not able to schedule a tick presentation (see details below).

Our curriculum:

  • The following table includes the presentations, lesson plans and activity books that we use.
  • Click here for our teacher companion site that has supplemental educational materials for classroom use.
  • Presentations are provided in PowerPoint format.


Lesson Plan (PDF)

Supplemental Curriculum (PDF)


Ticks: Life Cycle and Safety Tips

3rd and up

Ticks: Biology, Disease and Safety Tips


Classroom tick packets:

  • Our tick-related educational materials are available free of charge to any teacher in Marin and Sonoma counties, even if an in-class presentation is not scheduled.
  • Each classroom tick packet includes:
    • Instructions
    • Tick ID card (1 per student)
    • Tick activity book (1 per student)
    • Tick habitat puzzle (1 per classroom)
    • Evaluation (1 per teacher)
  • To order a classroom tick packet, please email Eric Engh
    • Please provide us with your name, school, address, grade level(s), number of students, and date you need the packet
    • Please give us at least two weeks notice