Herb Rowland

City of Novato
Term expiration: 

Why did you choose to join the MSMVCD Board of Trustees? / Why is the mission of mosquito and vector control important to you?

I first was a volunteer in the District’s Sentinel Chicken Program through which I got to meet the staff and learn about their work. After further investigation and a tour of the facilities, I wanted to help and participate in this impressive organization. The mission of the district helps improve the quality of life in our community, which should be important to all citizens.

What is your relevant expertise?

Legal and agriculture

Educational/Professional background:

  • San Rafael High School
  • B.A. University of California, Davis
  • J.D. McGeorge School of Law
  • Civil litigation law practice
  • Owner/Operator of Pacheco Ranch Vineyard and Winery

Term of Office: January 2013-December 2020