Shaun McCaffery

City of Healdsburg
Term expiration: 

Why did you choose to join the MSMVCD Board of Trustees? / Why is the mission of mosquito and vector control important to you?

I joined the MSVCD Board to represent the City of Healdsburg.  Promoting public health and safety is why the mission is important to me.

What is your relevant expertise?

Mechanical engineering, project management


Educational/Professional  background:

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, U.C. Davis 1998



List of service clubs you belong to (if any):

Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise



List of other city/town/county boards or committees you serve on:

  • Healdsburg City Council Member
  • Chair, Sonoma County Mayors and Councilmembers assn.
  • Member, Russian River Watershed Assn.
  • Board Member, Alternate, Norther California Power Agency
  • Board Member, Association of Bay Area Governments

Other information you wish to share about yourself:

Shaun enjoys using his engineering talents on his favorite activities including the Healdsburg Water Carnival and Healdsburg Jazz Festival. He also enjoys music and art, especially the Tuesday concerts in the Plaza. Shaun was elected to the Council in 2012 and appointed Mayor at the December 15, 2014 Council meeting.

Term of Office: December 2013 - December 2018