Matthew Naythons

City of Sausalito
Term expiration: 

Why did you choose to join the MSMVCD Board of Trustees? / Why is the mission of mosquito and vector control important to you?

In an era of global warming, the fight against vector born illnesses takes on greater significance. The unsung heroes of this fight are the men and women in mosquito control districts around the country. I’m honored to be able to help support those who serve in Marin and Sonoma.


What is your relevant expertise?

I’m a physician and founder of International Medical Teams in Thailand, as well as a journalist who covered the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for National Geographic. I am also the founder of (


Educational/Professional  background:

Physician with specialty in emergency medicine and President of Epicenter Communications (


Term of Office: March 2017 - December 2020