Yellowjacket School

Age level:

  • K-8th grade

In-class presentation:

  • Students compare yellowjackets with outher stinging insects, learn why yellowjackets are so dangerous, and how to stay safe from them.

Life cycle kit:

  • Kits include a real yellowjacket nest (not living), stinging insect collection, and a yellowjacket life cycle wheel.
  • Each class keeps the kit for at least a day so that students can study the materials up close.

Our presentation curriculum

  • The following table includes the presentations and observation journals that we use in classrooms. Each student is provided with their own observation journal on presentation day, so you do not need to print these.
  • Click here for our teacher companion site that has supplemental educational materials for classroom use.

Presentation Title


Observation Journal


Busy Busy Yellowjackets

  • How yellowjackets work together to make a nest
  • Safety tips
1st and 2nd

Yellowjackets and Honey Bees

  • Comparisons between yellowjackets and honey bees
  • Safety tips

3rd and up

Yellowjackets and Other Stinging Insects
  • Seasonal history of a yellowjacket colony
  • Safety tips