Yellowjacket School

Age level:

  • K-8th grade


  • Students learn about the biology, ecology and control of yellowjackets and other local stinging insects.
  • Each class borrows a life cycle kit that includes a real nest, insect collection, and life cycle story wheel.
  • Each student is provided with an activity book that is used with the life cycle kit.

Our curriculum:

  • We designed our lessons to reinforce the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • The following table includes the presentations, lesson plans and activity books that we use in classrooms.
  • Click here for our teacher companion site that has supplemental educational materials for classroom use.
  • Presentations are provided in PowerPoint format.


Lesson Plan (PDF)

Supplemental Curriculum (PDF)


The Yellowjacket Queen

3rd and up

Yellowjackets and Other Stinging Insects
  • Lesson plan